Julie Brown


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Over 20 years ago I was hooked. The moment I saw an image begin to appear on my formerly blank photo paper as it sat in a tray of chemicals, I knew photography was what I had to do.  

My first memorable photo did not have people in it, but the composition was there with a bale of hay next to a barn in the Berkshire Mountains in MA. From there I turned to photographing people and I haven't stopped since, shooting for newspapers, magazines and individuals, telling their stories because we ALL have stories to tell. 

I have two family photogaphy plans: 

Documentary Family Photography: What's your family's story? My approach to family photography is photojournalistic, capturing the true relationships, the pulse, and subtleties of your family life from bathing your baby, to reading to your 4-year old to baking cookies with your 7-year old. I come to your home and photograph your family as you go about a typical day. 

2 hour, 1/2 day and full day sessions available.  

Family Portraits: I'll capture your family portrait in your home giving your photo a context that has meaning and familiarity to your family. Alternatively we can photograph at a different place that has meaning to your family, like a favorite restaurant or public space. 

1 hour and 2 hour family sessions available.  

Combine the family portrait and the family documentary sessions for a full picture of your family.  

cell/text: 203.376.4671