Family Storyteller: Real-Life Photography for Real Families

I believe in the power of story — and you should see yours.



Your family. Your story. Your way.


I’m Julie Brown Harwood, and I believe that entire stories happen in an instant and that the moments of your life are pure art.


I believe parenthood is hard—but exquisitely rewarding.  

I believe in good coffee.

I believe in the power of deep friendships.

I believe in eating real food, because healthy food heals (including chocolate!)

I believe that skiing down a mountain is the best way to spend a cold, wintry day.

I believe in feeling grateful and saying thank you. 

I believe you can always learn, no matter how old you are.

I believe in fun, play, and laughing—a lot.

I believe when your kid asks you to read you a bedtime story, you do—because you never know when he or she will stop asking. 


I believe in the power of story — and you should see yours. 


zeroing in on great moments

"Julie sees and zeros in on unique moments.

She is calm, present, and engaged, but in no way obtrusive. And the photos are great!"

Miriam B, NYC

I want to photograph your family because I thrive on the connectedness of relationships.


It’s what had me moving across the country, taking my photography degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and my years of photojournalism experience from The Oakland Tribune to The Berkshire Eagle, to return to MA to spend time with my aging grandmother, who lived until 103!

That experience taught me that relationships are everything. I met my husband, and we started our own family. 


In raising—and photographing—my kids, I fInd that my photojournalism skills help draw my eye to all the little moments; those points of connection and emotion that happen between, after, and among the bigger moments. 


I fell in love with the honesty of the true and raw vs. the posed and smiley; the real way people are. 


I’ve been challenged with cramped rooms, temper tantrums, shy kids who don’t want to be photographed, and parents reluctant to put themselves in the picture.

Photojournalism and family photography are similar in that the best photos come from being prepared for the unexpected.

So when it seems the moment’s over, wait — because that’s when the magic happens.


Obsessed With Every Single Photo

"We really appreciated how relaxed Julie made everything feel.

We feel like she captured our lives in this moment really AND she made us look really good doing it!"

Sarah W, new mom of a 2-month-old, NYC

Nobody cares as much about your family as much as you care about each other. And quality photographs will always remind you of exactly who you were at that moment in time over and over again.

And you should never forget it.

To that end, I believe a photograph isn’t complete until it’s printed; holding an image is as intimate as the first time your little one curled her fingers around yours. 


I want you to see just how magnificent your story is, one image at a time. 


Pictures Don’t Lie!

"Such amazing and gorgeous photos. The thrilling pictures brought it all back;

there are so many terrific shots. Especially love the spontaneous, ecstatic ones!"

Sandra F, NYC

I promise you your true family story is more beautiful than you can imagine.