Family Storyteller: Real-Life Photography for Real Families

Your family isn’t like anyone else’s; your photographs shouldn’t be, either.



I believe that documentary photographs are the most authentic, honest way to create a story in every image.

If it’s true that a picture tells a thousand words, imagine all your stories that are just waiting to be told.  


a true artist

"Julie has a gift for breathing life into real moments. Her pictures have a photojournalistic quality, but they also bring out emotion so beautifully. And she’s incredibly lovely to work with!"

Laura P, Los Angeles

Am I the one for you? 

I don’t simply photograph the exchanges between your family that happen in an instant; I document the emotion behind them. 

To create your dream photographs, I quietly move in the background to show you the big and small elements of your family that make it uniquely yours. This allows you to be yourself—and to be perfectly at ease. 

And it shows in your photographs.

Step 1

If you like open and honest displays of emotion, we should chat, there’s no obligation! If we’re in sync, we’ll book your date and discuss the details of your session.  

Step 2

 On our scheduled date, I’ll be there from the moment you wake up (if that’s what you choose) until you’ve put the kids to bed --or anything in between. And because your family is as individual as you are, I offer three packages.


Sessions start at $850

All packages include a custom designed hardcover archival photo book.

short Story.png

The Short Story
is 2 hours long and gives you all the goods, just a little less time with me.

half Day.png

The Half Day Story
is 4 hours long and perfect if you want to see how you interact with each other in a longer timeframe (plus a few more goodies).

day in the life.png

The Day in the Life
is for the family who wants it all: maximum coverage and even more goodies (my favorite!).


Beautiful Images from a Patient Photographer

"Julie did a wonderful job of capturing our family dynamic. She was so patient with the children and really captured their personalities."

Michelle S, Manhattan

What You Get

Within one week after your session, you’ll receive a link to your online gallery, and we’ll work together to help you choose your favorites.

Then I’ll design an album just for you.  








I live in New York City, but will happily come to wherever you are to document your family’s story (additional fees required). 


Want to see the beauty of your everyday?


Julie’s the Best!

"The album of photos that Julie produced is stunning and the album itself is exquisite. Julie consulted with us every step of the way and was endlessly patient with our inability to choose the ones we wanted in the album from the hundreds of beautiful photos she made."

Roz H, Bristol, England

frequently asked questions


What is documentary photography?

Also known as "photojournalism" or “reportage,” documentary photography is an artful approach where the photographer immerses themself in the action, making photographs of what is truly unfolding before them. Simply put, it's when a photographer senses, anticipates, and documents moments without directing or changing the scene. In my experience, people look naturally best on their own without being told when and how to look.  

Whatever your daily activities are, I will be there to capture the pulse, and subtleties of your family life as a photojournalist would capture a story for a newspaper. In the end, your photos will be a real representation of your family relationships now.

What if I need to lose 10 pounds?

I understand that feeling. But I promise that in 5, 10, or 20 years (and beyond), all you’ll care about is that you have photos of you and your child, interacting with each other in the ways that you do; you’ll never want to forget the way he looks at you when you’re telling him his favorite story. (And besides, I’m a pro at getting you at all your best angles; no worries!)

My house is a mess; do we have to shoot there?

I believe that the best moments happen in the place where you’re most comfortable: your home. And part of what makes your family your family is the house you call home. Your kids won’t care. And chances are, you won’t, either. What matters are the people who inhabit those four walls: you and yours. 

I adore my kids, but they’re at that age where they squabble all the time and while I want photos of them right now, I want to pull my hair out! Suggestions?

Trust me when I tell you that there’s magic in the squabble; there are moments of connectedness—that’s why they disagree. And if not, it’s the perfect comic relief in photographs. 

What else should I know about you?

There are more details about who I am and why I do what I do on my About page.